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Cognitive technology for transforming financial services

On-premise or cloud-hosted Cognitive Virtual Agents significantly boost productivity and efficiency in Financial Services institutions.

Customer experience at scale

Support your customers on your website, mobile app and social media.

Knowledge Access

Read, analyze and extract vital information from thousands of documents. Automate manual reviews or enhance existing knowledge centers with deep document search capabilities.

Demystify complex products

Explain complex products patiently or use AI to recommend the right product. 

Improve internal productivity

Build cognitive virtual assistants for improved internal processes and quicker, direct access to information buried deep in extensive manuals and policies.

Social Transactions

Unleash the potential of messaging platforms and deliver personalized and social banking experiences to customers.

Why Financial Services institutions choose us.

We understand regional dialects

We specialize in Southeast Asian dialects and nuance, enabling you to communicate with your customers in the most natural way possible.

End-to-end Cognitive Services provider

From planning to monthly maintenance, we provide end-to-end service.

Central Bank Compliance

Our Cognitive Virtual Agents can be deployed on-premise with full system oversight by the Financial Services institutions.