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Financial Services, Telecommunication, E-commerce

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Happy, Dialex

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Go from e-commerce to cognitive commerce

Say hello to consultant Bai. Get good advice and recommendations from him directly from the Cerebos e-commerce store. 

Transform any channel into personalised shoppable storefront with our  Cognitive Virtual Agents built for online retail.

The cognitive support center

Reduce operational expenditures by adding cognitive agents that can handle the majority of first level and account specific customer queries.

Customer experiences made personal

Deliver services on popular messaging platforms. Simplify self-serve while increasing the potential to upsell or cross-sell relevant products.

Acquire customers anywhere

Retail can embed their cognitive assistants into display ads, using the latest programmatic advertising technologies.

Why E-commerce retailers choose us.

We understand regional dialects

We specialize in Southeast Asian dialects and nuance, enabling you to communicate with your customers in the most natural way possible.

Conversion by Context

Using our Contextual Awareness tags, get to know your customers better and predict their next action or request.

Communication at scale

Speak to tens of thousands of concurrent customers with minimal latency.