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Turn any human interface smarter with our Cognitive Smart Pipe.

Get all our natural language understanding (NLU) capability without changing your current implementation. If you have a search interface, chatbot, digital assistant, voice input or customer service enquiry form, make these interfaces work harder for you by enhancing their NLU capability. Enable our Cognitive Smart Pipe and support your customers the way they speak.

Human Interface

Existing API

Drop-in Installation

Connect the Cognitive Smart Pipe between the human interface and your existing APIs to instantly switch on cognitive functions.

6 key reasons enterprises choose our drop-in AI solution.

Augments other cognitive services

Enhance Twilio, IBM Watson, Microsoft Luis, Amazon Lex and other cognitive services.

Pre-trained Fidelity Models

Take advantage of pre-trained models for most common use cases in the enterprise.

Switch on cognitive services for legacy systems

Switch on NLU and cognitive services for non AI application.

Dialex service

Understand heavily nuanced language, mixed language use and other common language mistakes. 

High availability cloud service

Hochiku can be deployed on all major cloud providers.

Private on-premise installation

Hochiku can be deployed on-premise or on private clouds.

Explore the technology stack that make our AI consistently the best performing in enterprise implementations.