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The world's largest media agencies engage millions using our Cognitive Virtual Agents.

With display advertising click through rates (CTR) hovering around 0.1%, and ad-led traffic bounce rates being more than 70%, Inshö Cast is the most effective way to convert impressions to engagement. Start deploying Cognitive Virtual Agents within banners and converse with your prospects directly from the publisher's website.

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6 key reasons enterprises choose our advertising solution.

Highest impression to engagement conversion rate

Engage your audience directly on the publisher's website, without the drop off rates.

Product search, recommendations and leads

Fast to deploy engagement templates to get you up and running quickly.

Standard IAB display advertising sizes

Pay the same media costs as standard banners, but get meaningful engagement from each interaction.

Insights that drive future business

Understand your prospects better, test new concepts and get insights that can help you improve your product or service.

Service millions of impressions without a sweat

Super high scalable cast service with no degradation of quality and speed no matter the impressions served.

Works with your campaign machinery

Deploys easily through major ad exchanges like DoubleClick Ad Exchange and leading DSPs.

Explore the technology stack that make our AI consistently the best performing in enterprise implementations.